Modeling Kreis Schablone PE (3) 1-12,5mm

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Art.Nr.: TA_74150 Art.bezeichnung: Modeling Kreis Schablone PE (3) 1-12,5mm Tamiya's engraving blades are a fine addition to any modeler's tool kit, allowing scribing of fine, precision lines. Now, you can use them to scribe curves and circles with ease thanks to this new set of photo-etched stainless steel template sheets! Item Contents/Information • Photo-Etched Template Fret x1 • The fret includes 3 sheets of circular templates   ranging from 1mm to 12.5mm diameters, in 0.25mm intervals. • Templates are manufactured in 0.1mm thickness stainless   steel, allowing you to bend it against convex surfaces such   as aircraft fuselage pieces (minimum target component   radius is 30mm)
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